syd ’n‘ rollin‘

me & and my friends
jack and some rednecked french
went out in byzantium,
moscow and scum
yearning for the piper
at the gates of dawn

no leons, fauns or singing prawns
powdered sympathy for an angel
in ecstatic mansions of deaf shanties
in holes of gnomes and willows of trombones

have you seen the piper?
he’s the bastard in the lightbar
pretty handsome – always jolly
with goals and aims
in tie and chains
exciting as gingerbread
though he’s always ahead

me & and my friends
glen grant and mary jane
went out in albion,
washington and chrome
seeking the piper
at the gates of dawn

no lizard kings or
superior thrones
just the myth spitting morphine
on a crowd of clones
yearning for cellphones and gasoline


i thought we met him –
a child in bloom
blossomed wax
a figure of doom
a pain in the ass –
like blank papers on plain desks